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No. 51, Industrial South Road, Lixia District, Jinan, Shandong, China



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中国 山东 济南市历下区 工业南路51号

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Shangdong Xiaoya Refrigeration Co., LTD., located in hi-tech development zone of Jinan city (capital of China’s eastern Shandong Province)---billed as beautiful “spring city”, represents prodcution base of cold chain equipment of Shandong Xiaoya Group, mianly manufacturing and selling fridge showcase in Xiaoya Brand.

Covering 41600 square meters,Xiaoya Refrigeration is one of the producer specialized in researching and developing fridge and freezer showcases. We fellow the developpment conception of going green in ways that take lead in researching and using enviroment-friendly refrigerant of CO2 and R1270. Our refrigerators are the ideal options for modern supermarkets, community convenience stores as they are desined into modularization, easy to be combined and with attactively luxury appearance.


The company has passed the Certification of ISO9901, ISO14001, OHSAS18001, CE, EMC TEST and SEDEX due to its strict quality control by adopting advanced technology and qualily management. It has expanded its reach to more than 30 countries and territories, including the USA, Britain, France, Russia, Austrilia, South Africa as well as Southeast Asia. The fact that we boast world-class product quality inspection lines and cutting-edge laboratories---2 state standard level and 1 Euro-standard level---ensures the production pass rate as we introduces state-of-the-art inspection and testing device from Japan and Germany. We have, based on the demand of ISO9901, developed perfect checking-detail rules and established a sound and rigorous quality control system. Xiaoya fridge showcase today has went through the tight examination from the retailer magnate in China and beyond such as Wal-Mart, Suning, Dashang Group etc., and Xiaoya Refrigeration have become their goldern supplier for cold chain devices.


The company has introduced advanced laser cutting machine, CNC Turret punch, CNC Bending Machine and welding robot and today embraces 4 automatic assembling lines. At such, 5000 sets of fridge can be produced monthly on avarage whatever they are customized manufacturing or volume production.


Xiaoya Refrigeration aims to improve modern shopping environment and raise people’s well-being through exsiting by quality and developing by science and technology. The company will offer Energy-efficent products and valued services to customers, making a contribution to favorable shopping conditions for human being.

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