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International Strategy

International Strategy

(1) Strengthen Channel Construction to Promote International Market Development
1. Take the British project as the lead, take root in the international high-end market and improve the market influence;
2. Firm old customers and expand the markets of Central and West Asia, South America and Africa.
3. Promote the promotion of Ali International Station, Google, Overseas Warehouse and other channels, participate in overseas exhibitions and expand the scope and scale of international market sales.
(2) Research on new technologies and products around the international market demand
1. Strengthen technical cooperation with Britain and expand research and application of new refrigerant technology
2. Keeping up with the development trend of international market and developing energy-saving products in depth
3. Highlighting the Customization Characteristics of Products to Meet the Individualized Demand of the International Market
(3) Strengthen team building around the goal of integration of export tasks
1. Straighten out the work flow of export business integration and improve the market reaction speed
2. Continue to supplement and train import and export personnel, and strengthen the export team
3. Deeply cooperate with Put to train international e-commerce personnel and increase inquiry volume

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