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The seventeenth China retail Fair opens in Wuhan -- the new showcase of "duck show cabinet" highlights

The seventeenth China retail Fair opens in Wuhan -- the new showcase of "duck show cabinet" highlights

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The sevnteenth China retail Fair opened in November 5th at the Wuhan International Expo Center, and the retail equipment company of Xiaoya was invited to the exhibition with the latest products. China retail Expo experience on sustainable development and accumulated sixteen years, known as the China retail industry "vane" and "barometer", the exhibition to "change, fusion, reconstruction of retail value" as the theme of the exhibition area of nearly eighty thousand square meters, a record high, over 700 exhibitors, including IT Technology, commercial facilities, store design, throughout the cold chain, mobile payment, Internet plus, security monitoring, weighing multiple areas of packaging.

The duckling equipment company on the display of retail convenience stores for new products in the exhibition, including the Toronto convenience store for small island cabinet, E8 New York refrigerator, freezer and other convenience stores E8 Feinikesi also recently developed special equipment, and has been proven in the market of new products will debut at the show, there are two generations of Miami full glass door freezers, freezers, Orlando Yurek Vegetable & Fruit dedicated the whole cabinet, showing the effect of super good half of the Pittsburgh front door refrigerator etc..

The exhibition is the retail industry event once a year, also is the enterprise centralized display of strength and technology stage, the duckling retail equipment company attaches great importance to this exhibition organization and participate in the work, this is the company after an interval of several years to showcase the strength of industry and the development of the duckling an important appearance. The company selected and exhibited several products, all recognized retail terminal customers, agents and manufacturers with the refrigerator industry from the aspects of appearance and production process, the northeast, Hebei, Hunan, Hubei, Guangdong and other places of the display cabinet agents have expressed willingness to cooperate in the investigation.