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Shandong Xiaoya retail Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the system trial

Shandong Xiaoya retail Co., Ltd. has successfully passed the system trial

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Retail equipment companies in the active coordination of various departments, through the first phase and two days of strict review and rectification, successfully passed the three major system of external certification.

Recently, our company received the logo certification Group Co. Ltd. Shandong branch of the two system of ISO9001:2008 quality management system, ISO14001:2004 environmental management system certification, GB/T28001-2011 occupation health and safety management system audit; the external audit is mainly comprehensive audit for three companies management system is in line with the standard requirements, continuous operation. In this meeting, the audit team of experts from the operation control, complete records and rules, spoke highly of the situation of the company of three management system, and combined with the practice to put forward the following suggestions: to strengthen the site management of production workshop, to improve the 6S management level; two to strengthen internal audit and management review. To discover and solve problems, to ensure that the three management system of continuous improvement and continuous improvement; three to strengthen the rectification of substandard items, and giving top priority to do, really play the three management system to improve product quality, employee occupation health and safety, environmental management and other aspects of the role.

Company general manager Yin Deqiu stressed that the development of basic three management system audit is to standardize the management process and system, straighten out the link, each department must listen carefully to the advice of experts, in strict accordance with the management requirements, itemized rectification and implementation, with a solid job security company three management system effective operation.