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Jinan Sino-German Exchange and Cooperation Association Leaders Visit the Duckling Group

Jinan Sino-German Exchange and Cooperation Association Leaders Visit the Duckling Group

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On May 8, the chairman of the Sino-German Exchange and Cooperation Association of Jinan, Lin Song, the expert of the association, Zhang Dunjie, the leader of Vocational education, Jiang Dawei, the assistant chairman of the association and the director of the office, and other leaders visited the group to guide the work. Li Yonggang, the Secretary of the Party Committee, the chairman and the general manager of the group, received the group warmly. Yin Deqiu, general manager of Retail Equipment Co., Ltd., accompanied him to visit the cold chain exhibition hall and production workshop. President Lin Song's team, under the explanation of Yin Deqiu, the general manager of the company, had a detailed understanding of the duckling cold chain related technology research and development, talent construction, production-university-research cooperation and other related information. After the visit, President Lin Song spoke highly of the development of duckling cold chain. He said that duckling has a profound historical and cultural heritage and the brand is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. In order to better inheritance and development, ducklings should base on automation and humanization, further strengthen technological innovation and product research and development, and upgrade equipment and technology level. The Association will make use of its own superior resources and business platforms to cooperate with ducklings in many aspects, and vigorously promote ducklings'high-quality development to a new level.