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E7 Euraka

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The temperature grade of the cabinet type: H (1~10℃)   It is used for displaying and selling various fruits, vegetables and other foods.
Cabinet type: split cabinet   Length: 1,250mm, 1,875mm, 2,500mm and 3,750mm which can be spliced at random.
★With luxury appearance, low leading edge and large opening display area, it can increase the display effect of foods to the maximum extent.
★It has large capacity and covers a small floor area.
★Due to the adoption of unique trapezoid laminar air curtain design and backboard air-out technology, the air can be uniformly discharged in a gradient mode, thus effectively reducing the energy consumption of the display cabinet.
★The product features high refrigeration speed and uniform temperature, which improves the preservation quality of foods.
★It is equipped with a fastened evaporating fan base plate structure, and the controller is placed on the top, facilitating in installation, operation, repair, cleaning and maintenance.
★Due to the adoption of a frame basket and an inclined partition structure, it is suitable for placing and displaying fruits and vegetables.
★Due to the adoption of a double-bank light design on the top, the brightness in the cabinet can be increased, achieving a good display effect.

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NO Product Type L*W*H(mm) Temp. Net Volume(L)
  E7 EUREKA fruit and vegetable cabinets
1 BZ-E7YR-F12214Y-01 1250*1115*2125 M2(-1~7℃) 240
2 BZ-E7YR-F18214Y-01 1875*1115*2125 360
3 BZ-E7YR-F25214Y-01 2500*1115*2125 480
4 BZ-E7YR-F37214Y-01 3750*1115*2125 720



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