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E6 Alaska (Arc)

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Temperature range: S (5  or less) is used to display and sale of seafood, fresh meat and cooked food, etc.;

This cabinet type is integral cabinet, length has: 1875mm,2500mm two kinds of specifications, can be arbitrary splicing.


The appearance is luxurious and magnificent, the front height is low, and the open display area is large, which can maximize the display effect of food.

Large volume, small footprint.

★The unique design of trapezoidal laminar flow air curtain and the technology of back plate air outlet are adopted to achieve uniform gradient air outlet and effectively reduce the energy consumption of display cabinet.

Using nameplate compressor, fast refrigeration, uniform temperature, improve the fresh quality of food.

The evaporator is connected by means of hanging. The control box and unit can be pulled out for easy installation and maintenance.

Use shelf configuration, Angle adjustable, can adjust different display effects according to the requirements of the store.

The parts are treated with anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, the aluminum alloy is treated with frosted oxidation treatment, and the appearance parts are treated with electrostatic spraying.

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NO Product Type L*W*H(mm) Temp. Net Volume(L)
  E6 ALASKA arc Separate refrigerated Service cabinet
1 FZ-E6AL-F12K-02 1250*1147*1162 M1(-1~5℃) 101
2 FZ-E6AL-F18K-02 1875*1147*1162 152
3 FZ-E6AL-F25K-02 2500*1147*1162 220
4 FZ-E6AL-F37K-02 3750*1147*1162 304
5 FZ-E6WA-F90K-02 1775*1175*1162 91
6 FZ-E6NA-F90K-02 1775*1175*1162 91
  E6 ALASKA Sliding doors Separate Service cabinet
1 FZ-E6AL-F12T-02 1250*1154*1151 M1(-1~5℃) 101
2 FZ-E6AL-F18T-02 1875*1154*1151 152
3 FZ-E6AL-F25T-02 2500*1154*1151 220
4 FZ-E6AL-F37T-02 3750*1154*1151 304
5 FZ-E6NA-F90T-02 1800*1200*1170 91


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