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E6 Alaska (Wet Heating Cabinet)
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E6 Alaska (Wet Heating Cabinet)

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When the running temperature is 60~65°C(S) , the dry heated type cabinet is used to display and sell baked, smoked, pan fired food deep fried food. The moist heated cabinet is used to display and sell boiled food, stir-fried and meat.

Four basic specifications : 1250mm, 1875mm, 2500mm and 3750mm . Can be jointed together to suit your length requirements.


★There are two types of cabinet, vertical glass type and flat open top type. Can be selected to meet client’s requirement.

★The double air curtain design makes cold air spread more evenly. Good air circulation provides good cooling performance.

★Tempered glass are used in the front and top structure, this guarantees an excellent anti-impact force effect.

★Extra large capacity with extra large display area provides best effect.

★Sliding back door design will help to cut off heat exchange between inside and outside, and easy to operate. 

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NO Product Type L*W*H(mm) Temp. Net Volume(L)
E7 PITTSBURGH Straight glass Separate cabinet
1 FZ-E7PZ-F12G-01 1250*1116*1245 M1(-1~5℃) 113
2 FZ-E7PZ-F18G-01 1875*1116*1245 170
3 FZ-E7PZ-F25G-01 2500*1116*1245 226
4 FZ-E7PZ-F37G-01 3750*1116*1245 339
5 FZ-E7WP-F90G-01 2338*1136*1245 152
E7 PITTSBURGH Open the door Separate cabinet
1 FZ-E7PZ-F12S-01 1250*1116*1245 M1(-1~5℃) 113
2 FZ-E7PZ-F18S-01 1875*1116*1245 170
3 FZ-E7PZ-F25S-01 2500*1116*1245 226
4 FZ-E7PZ-F37S-01 3750*1116*1245 339
E7 PITTSBURGH Flat Separate cabinet
1 FZ-E7PZ-F12P-01 1250*1116*835 M1(-1~5℃) 113
2 FZ-E7PZ-F18P-01 1875*1116*835 170
3 FZ-E7PZ-F25P-01 2500*1116*835 226
4 FZ-E7PZ-F37P-01 3750*1116*835 339
5 FZ-E7PZ-F90P-01 1550*1178*835 88
6 FZ-E7PZ-F90P-01 2240*1136*835 150
E7 PITTSBURGH Straight glass  Separate cabinet
1 FZ-E7PZ-F18G-01 1875*1116*1245 M1(-1~5℃) 170
2 FZ-E7PZ-F25G-01 2500*1116*1245 226
3 FZ-E7PZ-F37G-01 3750*1116*1245 339



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