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Medicine Refrigerated Cabine
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Medicine Refrigerated Cabine

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Application to hospitals,pharmacies,researching and other relevant departments where some drugs and biological products need to be kept in the refrigerated cabinets.The running temperature of cabinet is 8~20℃,humidity inside cabinet is 35~75%RH.The volume is 260L,450L(Single door),900L(Two doors) and 1350L(Three doors).


★ Luxurious appearance,low front edge and large effective volume,so it can display more drugs.

★Product was designed and made in accordance with the Standard YY/0086-2007《Pharmaceutical Freezer》。It is hygienic and safe.

★The shelves are adjustable to any height and satisfy different requirement.

★ The door used hollow glass with good seal and anti-condensation treatment to ensure the safety of drugs.

★  Electrical components are designed to use with wide voltage 187-242V,which can meet the application requirement in most pharmacies and hospitals.

★The height of condensing units inside cabinet with volume of 260L is very low,for cabinet with volume of 450L/900L/1350L the condensing units is put on the top for better ventilation,maintenance and repair.

★ The slimmer design allows the freezer to be placed side by side with the drug store shelves,and easy to operate.

★Refrigeration technology used from UK,helpful for the accuracy of temperature and humidity control.

★  The reasonable design of cold air circulation helps the even distribution of air covering whole merchandised area.

★ All doors open from right side convenient for loading and unloading.

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NO Product type Difference L*W*H(mm) Temperature Net volume(L)  
  Medicine cabinet
1 YP-YL-300-01 Ordinary glass door 565*565*1700 <20℃/RH35-75% 171
2 YP-YL-300-02 Ordinary glass door,Outsourcing shell 595*505*1800 <20℃/RH35-75% 180
3 YP-YL-300-03  Electrically heated glass doors 565*565*1700 <20℃/RH35-75% 171
4 YP-YL-300-05 Heat reflected glass doors 565*565*1700 <20℃/RH35-75% 171
5 YP-YL-300-06 Plastic heat reflects glass doors 565*565*1700 <20℃/RH35-75% 171
6 YP-YL-500-01 Ordinary glass door 660*630*2000 <20℃/RH35-75% 450
7 YP-YL-500-02  PVC shoulder,Ordinary glass door 660*630*2000 <20℃/RH35-75% 450
8 YP-YL-500-03  Electrically heated glass doors 660*630*2000 <20℃/RH35-75% 450
9 YP-YL-500-05 Heat reflected glass doors 660*630*2000 <20℃/RH35-75% 450
10 YP-YL-1000-01 Ordinary glass door 1260*630*2000 <20℃/RH35-75% 900
11 YP-YL-1000-02 PVC shoulder,Ordinary glass door 1260*630*2000 <20℃/RH35-75% 900
12 YP-YL-1000-03  Electrically heated glass doors 1260*630*2000 <20℃/RH35-75% 900
13 YP-YL-1000-05 Heat reflected glass doors 1260*630*2000 <20℃/RH35-75% 900
14 YP-YL-1500-01 Ordinary glass door 1860*630*2000 <20℃/RH35-75% 1350
15 YP-YL-1500-03  Electrically heated glass doors 1860*630*2000 <20℃/RH35-75% 1350
16 YP-YL-1500-05 Heat reflected glass doors 1860*630*2000 <20℃/RH35-75% 1350




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