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E7 Hemet

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It is used for displaying and selling marine products, fresh meat, dairy products and so on at the operating temperature of M1(-1~5℃), beverages, sausages, cooked products and other daily accessories at the operating temperature of M2(-1~7℃), as well as various fruits, vegetables and so on at the operating temperature of H(1~10℃).
Length: 1,875mm, 2,500mm, 3,750mm (which can be spliced at random)
★Large volume, small floor area.
★Low leading edge, large opening display area, which increases the display effect of foods.
★Arbitrary combination of multi-layer shelves, adjustable angle.
★Trapezoid laminar air curtain and backboard air-out technology, uniform temperature, which effectively reduces the energy consumption of the refrigerator.
★Efficient pre-cooling corrugated finned evaporator, which can improve the refrigeration performance of the display cabinet.
★Double-light switch, separated control over top lights and shelf lights, which saves energy as required.
★Anti-condensation switch design, which adapts to the working conditions of different shopping place environments.

★Tempered insulating glass door (optional), which is safe, sanitary and energy-saving.

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NO Product Type L*W*H(mm) Temp. Net
                 NO Product Type L*W*H(mm) Temp. Net Volume(L)
  E7 HEMET closet H2030   E7 HEMET H22
1 BZ-E7HM-F15203Y-01 1562*765*2030 M2(-1~7℃) 881 1 BZ-E7HM-F18223Y-01 1875*792*2200 M2(-1~7℃) 1148
2 BZ-E7HM-F18203Y-01 1875*765*2030 1057 2 BZ-E7HM-F25223Y-01 2500*792*2200 1531
3 BZ-E7HM-F25203Y-01 2500*765*2030 1410 3 BZ-E7HM-F37223Y-01 3750*792*2200 2296
4 BZ-E7HM-F37203Y-01 3750*765*2030 2115   E7 HEMET glass door H2030
  E7 HEMET closet H2180 1 BZ-E7HM-F18203S-01 1875*792*2045 M2(-1~7℃) 1057
1 BZ-E7HM-F18223Y-01 1875*765*2180 M2(-1~7℃) 1148 2 BZ-E7HM-F25203S-01 2500*792*2045 1410
2 BZ-E7HM-F25223Y-01 2500*765*2180 1531 3 BZ-E7HM-F37203S-01 3750*792*2045 2115
3 BZ-E7HM-F37223Y-01 3750*765*2180 2296   E7 HEMET glass door H22
  E7 HEMET H20 1 BZ-E7HM-F18223S-01 1875*792*2195 M2(-1~7℃) 1148
1 BZ-E7HM-F15203Y-01 1562*792*2050 M2(-1~7℃) 881 2 BZ-E7HM-F25223S-01 2500*792*2195 1531
2 BZ-E7HM-F18203Y-01 1875*792*2050 1057 3 BZ-E7HM-F37223S-01 3750*792*2195 2296
3 BZ-E7HM-F25203Y-01 2500*792*2050 1410          
4 BZ-E7HM-F37203Y-01 3750*792*2050 2115          



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