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  • The differnet temperature ranges can be set according to the different demands.

  • Evaporator fan with articulated manner, can pull a control box for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Parts for anti-corrosion anti-rust treatment and suitable for the size of the supermarket but also around the island stitching.

  • The multi-layered shelf can be combined ,their angle can be adjusted ,satisfy different display effect of food.

  • The air curtain technology of Trapezpoid laminar flow and air outlet from back board ensure the air flow evenly and save power consumption.

  • The electric controller of famous brand is very accurate, guarantee the quality of food.It can achieve remote control.

Shandong XiaoYa Retail Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful city, Jinan, located in Jinan high-tech development zone, was established in Shandong XiaoYa Group invested a huge sum of money of retail equipment, production base, mainly producing and selling Little Duck to reveal ark, shelves, etc........


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