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E7 Hawaii

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It is used for displaying and selling various frozen foods, ice cream, marine products and so on at the operating temperature of -18~-22℃.
Length: 1,875mm, 2,500mm, 3,750mm (which can be spliced at random) (seal head cabinet, optional).
★Due to the adoption of an asymmetric laminar air curtain structure, the product has a uniform refrigeration effect, thoroughly solving the problem of frost blocking.
★Due to the adoption of an efficient evaporator and an imported thermostatic expansion valve, the defrosting time is shortened, and the energy consumption is reduced.
★Parts are subjected to anti-corrosion rust-proof treatment, aluminum alloy is subjected to abrasive oxidation, and appearance parts are subjected to electrostatic spraying.
★Night curtains, night covers or glass sliding doors are optional, so energy conservation and consumption reduction are realized, ensuring the sanitation of the displayed foods.
★A non-freezing goods shelf is optional, commodities can be displayed correlatively, and the environments of shopping places are optimized, to promote the sale of the displayed products.
★It can be equipped with a computerized remote control system, to monitor the operating conditions of products in real time.

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NO Product Type L*W*H(mm) Temp. Net Volume(L)
  E7 HAWAII Sliding doors freezer cabinet
1 DD-E7XW-F183Q-01 1875*1800*1060 L1(≤-15℃) 1007
2 DD-E7XW-F253Q-01 2500*1800*1060 L1(≤-15℃) 1343
3 DD-E7XW-F373Q-01 3750*1800*1060 L1(≤-15℃) 2015
4 DD-E7XF-F173Q-01 1830*1100*1000 L1(≤-15℃) 521



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